Think you know Trump? Learn about his RE wars: VIDEO

Among Trump’s more tumult

Among Trump’s more tumultuous developments was Trump Place, a set of apartment blocks on the Upper West Side, resting on the banks of the River Hudson. The project underwent 30 years of legal battles and became a graveyard for famous architects, who created outlandish designs for Trump, including moveable buildings on railway tracks. Once again, when Trump’s development appeared to be in crisis, Costas Kondylis’s help was enlisted.

Watch the fourth part of the six-part mini-doc on Kondylis and Trump’s collaboration above, and look out for part five on Monday, which looks at the Trump World Tower, a building that saw Trump going to war with the United Nations. Watch part three here. For more videos, visit The Real Deal‘s YouTube channel. See the full feature-length documentary, “Building Stories,” here. The film originally aired on PBS affiliate WNET.

Video produced by Amir Korangy and Toni Comas.

Source: The Real Deal