Naftali’s Park Slope luxury rental has water leak woes, and an uncooperative neighbor

There’s something of a water war happening in Park Slope, and the Naftali Group’s luxu

Landmark Park Slope at 267 Sixth Street in Park Slope, Brooklyn

There’s something of a water war happening in Park Slope, and the Naftali Group’s luxury rental building at 267 Sixth Street has been on the losing end.

Persistent water leaks beneath the 104-unit Landmark Park Slope have caused “tens of thousands of dollars” in damage, and Naftali can’t plug the gaps in the busted foundation because the 35-unit co-op next door won’t allow workers to enter and make critical fixes.

After initially receiving permission to enter 270 Fifth Street to perform the repairs in December, workers the following day were told by the co-op’s property manager that they had to halt all construction activities, DNAinfo reported, citing court documents.

Naftali agreed to some of 270 Fifth’s stipulations on making repairs, but not all of them, and it’s led to a watery standoff. Naftali has asked a judge to issue a temporary injunction that would let workers enter the basement of 270 Fifth — once the Borden milk factory — to perform the repairs.

Naftali purchased Landmark Park Slope, then a stalled development site, for $10.7 million in 2012 and kept Karl Fischer’s completed designs.

Its rental building is hardly the first ground-up new development in Park Slope to feature construction defects. In March, the New York Times reported that residents of 500 Fourth Avenue were prevented from using the condo’s balconies after chunks of concrete began falling, and significant cracks were discovered.

The Real Deal profiled the Naftali Group in 2012. [DNAinfo] — James Kleimann

Source: The Real Deal