Vacation at a Glass Cabin in the Woods of Upstate New York for $300/Night

one moment please…Hillsdale, New York, United States+ Expand- collapseThis is a rural retreat l

one moment please…Hillsdale, New York, United States+ Expand- collapse

This is a rural retreat like no other. Known as the Sixteen Doors House and designed by the firm Incorporated Architecture & Design, this is a modern cabin made practically transparent by the placement of sixteen doors and windows. Luckily, it’s surrounded by six acres of forest in the foothills of the Berkshires so privacy is a non-issue. 6sqft profiled the design project back in 2014; now it’s being offered as a vacation rental through Airbnb. For $300 a night, you can have your own tranquil experience at the Sixteen Doors House.

As the architects describe it, this modest 1,350-square-foot cabin is “literally ‘in’ the landscape.” It is a completely wood-framed structure–no steel was used to build the building–to better reflect the natural surroundings.

Of course, the placement of windows and glass doors are what really makes this cabin design stand out. From anywhere inside the house, you’re looking out.

The cabin was designed with a single room for living, dining and cooking in the center of the apartment. It’s all, of course, complete with a Danish wood-burning stove.

Much of the rustic design was inspired by nature.

With the living space located centrally in the home, the bathrooms and utilities then provide a “buffer” and privacy for the two bedrooms that flank the living area. The result is utmost privacy in the bedrooms, surrounded by the utmost privacy of Mother Nature.

The north bedroom is outfitted with a desk with an incredible view. Although it’s fair to say this is a home where views are not hard to come by.

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Photos courtesy of Incorporated Architecture & Design


Vacation at a Glass Cabin in the Woods of Upstate New York for $300/Night : 6sqft