Mythic VR Launches to Disrupt the Pre-Sale Market

The future of real estate has officially begun with the launch of Mythic VR, a New York based company that specializes in virtual properties. The startup, which officially launched on June 4th, is currently touring clients around condos at 170-174 West Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The condos, represented by Nest Seekers International, are still under construction. But, with the assistance of HTC Vive headsets, the entire living space is laid out before user’s eyes.

The technology enables users to tour the entire condo layout with minimal movement. The HTC Vive headsets are equipped with full-body tracking and hand controllers, which allow viewers to travel from room to room with a click of a button. The hyperrealistic 3D visuals perfectly present the condos fully furnished, giving the viewers the option to customize the living space as they choose. Mythic VR’s clients already include Pepsi, Empire Office, Northwell, and Nest Seekers International.

Ravi Gulivindala, SVP and Managing Director at Nest Seekers International, commented, “It’s safe to say that VR is moving from a novelty to a necessity in real estate. I have experienced several competitors, and hands down, Mythic is best in breed.”

And users agree. Since the launch, 95% of users said the virtual reality tour was as practical as touring the physical property, with over half agreeing that the VR walk-through was enough confirmation to make a purchase.

Mythic VR’s co-founder, Michael Koutsoubis’ inspiration for the company came to him from his first experience with virtual reality. “I tried an Oculus development kit three years ago,” he explained, “and from that moment I knew this was a revolutionary way that people can communicate their ideas. We’ve worked with different industries; starting in architecture, and now landing in real estate.”

The company came to fruition under the guidance of Carolyn Chappelle, a NYC real estate veteran. As the Manager of Business Development, Chappelle saw the company’s potential to rise in the realty industry. She commented, “In the new millennium, brokers still sell to buyers from floor plans, static web images and renderings. It’s time to take real estate sales to the next level.”

Currently, the Virtual and Augmented Reality markets are predicted to surpass $100B in market share by 2020. Mythic VR aims to profit off the projected growth wave, focusing on luxury real estate as their primary niche. The company is looking to expand the VR experience in the future by allowing developers and brokerage firms to have their whole collection of real estate in virtual reality, letting buyers preview dozens of listings from a single location.

Mythic VR is open to the public every Sunday in June from 12pm to 3pm at 174 West Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222. The new condo development is being sold exclusively through Nest Seekers International, represented by Steven Irizarry and Justin Martinez. To set up an appointment, send an email to