5 Scenarios Where Furnished Apartments Make Perfect Sense

According to the Wall Street Journal, furnished spaces are heating up the New York City market with a 7% increase year over year. There are several reasons why furnished apartments are becoming a primary choice for renters. Here are 5 Scenarios Where Furnished Spaces Make Financial Sense:

You Can’t Move in Into Your New Place Yet

Another instance when renting a furnished apartment makes sense is if you’re in a transition period and can’t move into your new home for some reason. Some people will sell their homes prematurely and won’t be able to move in because of delays or technicalities. In these cases, furnished apartments might be the only viable solution. In other cases, construction on their new home may not be finished yet, or the house still has to go through inspections. A furnished apartment will allow you to at least be comfortable in the meantime.


You’re Moving into a Tough Rental Market

There are some cities where the market is just hotter than others, either because of actual demand or because the area is in a bubble. Premium apartments in cities like Chicago, for instance, are hard to come by, and in this case, going for a furnished apartment while you do your search can be a great option if you still want to be able to live in a prime part of town.

Services like Blueground operate tons of furnished rentals in Chicago for all budgets. They also have tons of prime locations as well. Whether you’d like to save and live in areas a bit further away from the city center or find a great spot right in the middle of the action, they have you covered. If you want to see some of their lots, you can visit here


For Business Travel

There’s no point in renting a hotel room if you’re going to be going on a prolonged business trip in another city. Not only will you be crammed in a tiny room, but you won’t be able to really hold professional meetings there.

With a furnished apartment, you’ll be able to save in so many ways. And it’ll be much simpler logistically, especially if you’re traveling with a team. For one, all of you will be under the same roof in close quarters, so staying organized will be much easier. Big furnished apartments with multiple rooms and meeting areas are also great if you need to work in silos. You’ll also be able to save money on food and have a place where you can hold meetings, have dinners, or entertain guests.


You’re Traveling with your Family

Furnished apartments are also the perfect option if you’re traveling with your family and staying somewhere for a short stay. Great furnished apartments beat hotel rooms in every single way. Premium units will have everything from gym rooms to pools to doormen, so you’ll get all the luxuries you’d get at a hotel. The only difference is that you’ll have much more freedom. You’ll also be able to cut on costs and enjoy more privacy. Being able to keep an eye on everyone is a huge plus too.


You’re Starting Over or Starting Out

Another instance where furnished apartments might be a great option is if you’ve decided to turn over a new leaf or are just getting started. If you’ve just graduated from college, for example, getting a furnished apartment may be a perfect solution if you don’t have the money to furnish an apartment right away. Getting a furnished apartment is also a great choice if you just want to make a fresh new start in a new city, either for personal or professional reasons.