$4.4M ‘Eco-Luxurious’ Beach House in Amagansett Sits Next to a 216-Acre Nature Reserve

one moment please…216 Cranberry Hole Road, Amagansett, NY, United States+ Expand- collapseThe H

one moment please…216 Cranberry Hole Road, Amagansett, NY, United States+ Expand- collapse

The Hamptons is known for its incredible mansions, but this unique beach house was actually inspired by a simple barn. The architects, Studio Zung, reinterpreted the traditional wooden barns of the area to create this modern and luxurious property, which sits between the Atlantic Ocean and a sprawling nature reserve. One of the biggest design considerations was making the home eco-friendly, so it’s outfitted with everything from salvaged pine beams to an eco-smart saline swimming pool. Dubbed Atelier 216, this drool-worthy property could be yours for $4.425 million.

Here, you really get a feeling for the incredible amount of nature that surrounds Atelier 216. The home’s connection to the natural world it is a core part of Studio Zung’s philosophy–their goal, according to the listing, is creating “memorable environments that are aesthetically beautiful and environmentally sustainable.”

The five-bedroom home is about 3,800 square feet. With these surrounding, large windows are a given–windows across the south facade offer a view over the terrace. Accessible from the patio through folding doors is the kitchen and dining area, which sit below a 16-foot-high ceiling of salvaged pine beams.

If you’re digging the furniture here, this property comes fully-furnished for a buyer. The home is separated into two different areas. The dining room is connected to a separate two-story space by a double-height hallway. That northern wing holds the living room and the bedrooms.

An upstairs master bedroom is joined by four guest bedrooms. Most bedrooms either have massive windows or easy access to the outdoors. From the master suite, you can peek out at the salvaged pine ceiling beams.

All the structures that make up the property are clad in vertical red cedar planks. It blends seamlessly with the patio outside, with spans 2,500 square feet. The deck, pool and pool house all face the adjoining nature reserve. (Other outdoor perks include a zen garden and nature reserve, viewable from the kitchen.)

Just east of the swimming area is the separate pool house, which provides additional space for guests and has its own bathroom. It faces a double garage on the opposite side. The entire property spans a little less than an acre, but the level of privacy offered by the natural surroundings make Atelier 216 feel truly luxurious.

[Listing: 216 Cranberry Hole Road by Deirdre Jowers for the Corcoran Group]

[Atelier 216 via Studio Zung]


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Photos courtesy of the Corcoran Group and Studio Zung


$4.4M ‘Eco-Luxurious’ Beach House in Amagansett Sits Next to a 216-Acre Nature Reserve : 6sqft