My 350sqft: Inside a fundraising professional’s creatively balanced Park Slope studio

Our ongoing series “My sqft” checks out the homes of 6sqft’s friends, family and fellow New

Our ongoing series “My sqft” checks out the homes of 6sqft’s friends, family and fellow New Yorkers across all the boroughs. Our latest interior adventure brings us to fundraising professional/art lover’s cute Park Slope studio. Want to see your home featured here? Get in touch!

When Lindsay Casale moved to Brooklyn seven years ago, she shacked up with roommates in North Williamsburg. But after finding success as a nonprofit professional working in fundraising–first for arts groups and museums and now at EL Education, a K-12 education reform organization–she decided it was time to have a space of her own. A self described “avid consumer of the arts, long-distance runner, and proud bookworm,” Lindsay relocated to North Park Slope for her first solo apartment, where she’s designed a creative home that perfectly toes the line between tranquil and bold, and artsy and refined, descriptors that also match her warm personality.

The pieces in the hall are by Greenpoint artist Steve Keene, who produces large quantities of contemporary art and then sells it for reasonable prices

You were living in Williamsburg when you first moved to the city. Why did you make the change to Park Slope?

I lived in the Greenpoint/Williamsburg area for about five years before I considered moving. The impetus was really the desire to get my own place–surprisingly, the best deals I found for studios and one-bedrooms were in Park Slope! My chief concern was leaving my social network in North Brooklyn, but uncannily my friends started migrating south not long after I did.

What are some of your favorite spots in the neighborhood?

So many! To name a few: Blueprint for cocktails, Flatbush Barn for solid bar snacks and good atmosphere, James or Franny’s for a nice dinner, and to steer slightly away from food and booze, Bend and Bloom for a great yoga class and Blok Hill for beautiful clothes and shoes.

Is there anything you’d change about the neighborhood?

Honestly, no. I love where I’m situated in North Park Slope. It’s so accessible to the city, close to my favorite places to go out, steps away from Prospect Park, and most importantly, near my closest friends.

The stools Lindsay is using as bedside tables are from Target. The balsa wood piece on the wall is handmade by an old friend.

How would you describe your interior design aesthetic?

I’d like to think my design approach is a study in balance: I love having curated curios around the house that tell a story about my personality, but I also gravitate towards clean, modern design. I’m simultaneously inspired by the utility of Bauhaus objects and furniture and outrageously splashy interiors from the 1970s (great photos to be found on Pinterest).

The two works from Kentler–the larger piece on the left is by Grace DeGennaro and the smaller on the right by Claudia Sbrissa

Would you say your background working for museums and with arts organizations has informed your design style?

Absolutely. One of the things I instantly loved about this apartment was the framing details on the walls–perfect for hanging art and objects. I think my art background has made me very thoughtful about how I collect and present art in my personal space. I’m especially fond of the two original works on paper in my sitting corner. I got them from an amazing nonprofit art gallery in Red Hook called Kentler International Drawing Space. They do a really fun fundraiser every year that sends you home with a piece of artwork. It’s a great way to learn about new artists and support a thriving Brooklyn arts space.

The weaving above the bed is by an artist in Durham, North Carolina, Lindsay’s hometown

What’s your favorite thing about this apartment?

This isn’t a purely aesthetic choice, but hands down, STORAGE! I don’t think I even realized until I moved in just how much storage there was. It feels like the ultimate luxury in a small apartment–everything has a place. I have a closet in the entry for coats and luggage, a double-door closet in the living area that holds my clothes and shoes, and a small closet near the kitchen for toiletries and linens. Oh, and lots of drawers and cabinets in the kitchen.

Do you have a favorite item?

It’s hard to choose, but the item that comes to mind is the antique stained glass window propped up in my kitchen. That window lived in my parents home for years and years, and I always coveted it. I mentioned it last time I was home for the holidays, and then two weeks later it appeared on my doorstep, sent with a note from my parents saying the window needed a new home. Not only is it beautiful, but now it’s invested with sentimental value.

A lot of your pieces look very expensive, but actually weren’t. Do you have any recommendations for finding affordable but attractive furniture and accessories?

For me, it was all about the long game with my furniture. I did a lot of searching online for pieces I liked, and then I kept my eye out for sales. The minute I saw things discounted, I snagged them. That definitely goes for the chair and the lucite table in the corner, both from CB2. I also saw some great deals on websites like Dot & Bo, which is where I found my stools–I had been eyeing a much more expensive pair, but a little sleuthing brought me the affordable option. A targeted Etsy search can yield great results, too (that’s where I got the sheepskin throw!)



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Photos by Angelica Vasquez for 6sqft

My 350sqft: Inside a fundraising professional’s creatively balanced Park Slope studio : 6sqft